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Multi-sensor System Solutions

Refering to multi-sensor system solutions, we should think around three questions: What? Why? How?

What? (What is multi-sensor system?)
        Multi-sensor system mainly involves multi-sensor data acquisition and fusion, Multi-sensor data fusion, which is a variety of information acquisition, representation and its internal links Integrated processing and optimization techniques.

Why? (Why should we choose it?)
        The State Council(China) recently issued the "Thirteen Five" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan "(2016-2020) ,which proposed to promote intelligent sensors and other key technologies in the field of R&D and industrialization. It's acknowleged that Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on intelligent sensors and world-class leading-edge in this areas. In the next 5 years, the annual export quantities of sensors will exceed one trillion. Then China's Sensor enterprises will gradually to performs more competitive all over the world , which could impel in traditional manufacturing industry to innovate and reform at a steady, targeted pace.
        The key of the intelligent sensor is multi-sensor fusion. on account of the limited information obtained by a single sensor and influence on quality ans performance of their own,intelligent robots are usually equipped with a large number of different types of sensors to guarantee the highly accurate  detection and data acquisition. If the information collected by each sensor is processed in isolationinformation processing workload and the loss of internal relevent relations will lead to potential problems if the aquired information are processed individually without considering the possibility of obtaining the relevant environmental characteristics after data combination, it may result in systematic failure or errorneous decision-making. Upon this,a multi-sensor fusion technology has been proposed to solve it .
        With the importance in the development of national economy and the reliability and robustness of the sensor system ,expandition ofthe observation range in time and space,multi-sensor system have  successful applications in the military situations. In future this technology will be applied to robotic assembly and automatic drive ,etc.

How? (How we make multi-sensor fusion?)
        Why Hypersen choose to develop sensors? First of all we can realize our values and promote the Upgrade and Reform of relevent industries. Nowadays,Germany proposes "industry 4.0"  (searching "Germany 2020 High Technology Strategy" for details) in order to enhance the intelligence of manufacturing industries and establish the adaptability, resource efficiency and genetic engineering of modern enterprises, intergrate customers and partners in business processes. Afterwards chinese government has launched the "2025 Plan for Manufacturing in China" blueprint, which aims to solve the technical choke point in industrial designing and manufacturing.   
        Secondly, benefiting by Hypersen's corporate culture, we put much effort to reserve technologies and competent staff and also develop customer-oriented products. Hypersen tries to hire responsible emplorees and encourage them to be more effective since its foundation. Nowadays our team are able to provide customers professinal resolutions(especially in photoelectric field) and post-services.Up to now distance measurement with infrared light in China is still starting up,most people are willing to select the ultrasonic or laser.
        So don't be hesitated to contact Hypersen if you want to design customized industrial sensor or interest in our sensors.