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Automated Guided Vehicle, abbreviated as AGV, is also commonly referred to as AGV trolley. It is equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, which can travel along a prescribed guiding path. It has safety protection and various transfer functions. It is widely used in smart factories and smart warehouses without a driver's van.

The necessary condition for AGV to realize obstacle avoidance and navigation is environment perception. In an unknown or partially unknown environment, obstacle avoidance needs to obtain information about surrounding environment through sensors, including the size, shape and position of obstacles. Therefore, sensor technology plays a very important role obstacle avoidance in AGVs.

AGV obstacle avoidance: Hypersen’s 3D solid-state LiDAR integrates sophisticated infrared lens and professional mathematical algorithm to generate 3D point cloud data in one shot and transmit it in real time through high-speed communication interface. Large field of view and high resolution facilitate the clear and accurate identification of obstacles in front and achieve accurate obstacle avoidance for AGVs.

Ranging and ground obstacle detection: Hypersen’s single-point ToF distance ranging sensor can be integrated into the robot to detect whether there are obstacles on the ground and the detection of stair drop by measuring the change of distance.