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Annual Report 2020 | Hypersen


2020 is undoubtedly a momentous year in Hypersen's development. This year, Hypersen has launched several remarkable products in the field of high-end intelligent sensors, such as Chromatic Confocal Displacement Sensor, High-speed Industrial Camera, Laser Cross Beam Sensor, and 3D Vision Autonomous Grasping Set. Each one of them can meet the actual needs of industrial customers with great selling points. Of course, the previous products like Six-axis Force toruqe sensor, Solid-state LiDAR, Single-point TOF Ranging Sensor and Laser Displacement Sensor still enjoy steady sales and have won a great reputation from customers with outstanding performance.

Chromatic Confocal Displacement Sensor (HPS-CF series) is our flagship product, which can achieve high-precision surface measurement of various materials.

A new product called High-speed Industrial Camera are designed for ultra-high-speed industrial scenarios, which can capture even your heartbeat instantly.

Equipped with our classic product Six-Axis Force Torque Sensor, the latest 3D Vision Autonomous Grasping Solution can help you solve more trivial matters, like picking and placing different workpieces.

The minimalist-designed HPS-LCB02 Laser Cross Beam Sensor brings more convenient solutions to the dispensing and industrial positioning industries. Let’s kick off the new year with simplicity!

HPS-3D640, a new model of Solid-state LiDAR, has a higher resolution. We also upgraded the light source for HPS-3D160 Pro to make it have stronger data receiving capabilities.

Single-point ToF Ranging Sensor, compact and small, can quickly locate an empty parking space for you.

Laser Displacement Sensor (HPS-LC010) enjoys an ultra-high repeatability of ±0.1μm(RMS). You can definitely rely on that for future precision measurement!

In the new year, Hypersen will still strive forward and dedicate ourselves to establishing a premium brand of intelligent sensors. Hope we can continue to provide our customers with more diversified and smarter sensors, and further promote their business to a higher level in the Year of the Ox.

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