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On July 24th, Zhao Wei, Marketing Director of Shenzhen Internet of Things Association, came to our company to award senior members Wang Guoan, General Manager of Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd..

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the planning and layout of the Shenzhen IOT in the fields of smart home, smart transportation, technological innovation, industrial Internet of things, and future cooperation projects..

Mr. Zhao During the visit, Mr. Zhao learned about Hypersen’s business coverage, market planning and product application, etc. He is very appreciative of Hypersen’s craftsman spirit and high-end performance of the products. Mr. Zhao also said that the Shenzhen Internet of Things Association welcomes and strongly supports high-tech enterprises such as Hypersen, and contributes to the development of the Internet and exchange resources.

This award indicates that Hypersen will officially join the Shenzhen Association of Internet of Things .

Mr.Zhao(left), Wang Guoan(right)

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