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Hypersen 2019: Technical Innovation & Diversified Marketing


Say goodbye to 2019 and move on to 2020. For Hypersen, 2019 is the year of innovation and the year of marketing. In particular, when it comes to innovation, this is the foundation upon which Hypersen relies and grows, and it is also the gene flowing in the blood of the company. Thanks to technological innovation, a number of Hypersen products have completed iterative upgrades in 2019, and new product development has also achieved remarkable results. In addition, the participation of more than ten industry exhibitions or summit forums has allowed Haiboson to quietly transition from the industry's cutting-edge to a well-known brand.

Let's review the highlights of Hypersen in 2019!

In terms of innovation, the most exciting thing for Hypersen in 2019 is the launch of a new confocal sensor. 5G technology was officially put into commercial use, and the 3C electronics industry ushered in another climax. Under this background, the demand for precision detection equipment increased accordingly, and sensors as its core components naturally ushered in new development opportunities. The HPS-CF4000 confocal sensor is one of the flagship products launched by Hypersen in 2020 to cater to market trends and industrial development trends.

HPS-CF4000 confocal sensor

At CES 2020, Hypersen brought the HPS-CF4000 confocal sensor to Las Vegas, and gained wide attention and favor from customers in foreign industries. According to reports, HPS-CF4000 is a high-precision non-contact measurement sensor that is not affected by materials and shapes. The accuracy reaches nanometer level. The controller can control 4 sensor heads at the same time. The maximum measurement frequency of a single sensor head can reach 8K Hz. .

HPS-CF4000 is equipped with a unique multi-layer material measurement algorithm, which can measure the thickness or gap between transparent / translucent multi-layer materials, suitable for a variety of high-precision measurement occasions, such as glass thickness, mobile phone screen arc, printed circuit board , wafer inspection, liquid surface inspection, mirror flatness, and highly reflective objects, especially in the 3C electronics industry.

In addition to the new HPS-CF4000 confocal sensor, many high-end smart sensors such as the 6D force sensor, laser displacement sensor, 3D solid-state lidar, and single-point ToF ranging sensors have been updated in 2019.





2019 is a year for Hypersen to improve its marketing efforts. Not only the participation in offline exhibitions and industry activities, but also the online marketing promotion

In chronological reverse order, not only domestic exhibitions such as Shenzhen ELEXCON 2019, GG-ROBOT Annual Event, Technology Innovation Contest, High-Tech Fair, EeIE, CIIF, CIOE, World Robot Conference, China Robotics Integrated Application Conference, etc. There are overseas exhibitions such as the CES exhibition in the United States and the Hannover Messe. With such intensive brand exposure opportunities, Hypersen sensors are truly eye-catching. Coupled with the assistance of Internet marketing communications in 2019, the industry awareness of Hypersen sensors is also rising.

Excellent companies and excellent products often require qualification or honorary blessings. In 2019, Hypersen and its sensor products have achieved a lot of gains. "The Most Investment Value companies", "Science and Technology Contest Champion", "High-tech Fair Outstanding Innovation Products" "," ISO9001 quality management system certification "," ISO14001 environmental management system certification "," National High-tech Enterprise "... a series of authoritative industry honors in various categories, fully highlighting the outstanding strength of Hypersen and its sensor products.

Leaders from Bao'an District came to inspect

Excellent products are inseparable from an excellent team. Hypersen can develop rapidly in just a few years. It has launched a number of high-end sensor products and obtained more than 20 patents. It has obtained authoritative certifications such as RoHs, FCC, CE, etc. All of this is inseparable from its founder Mr. Wang Guoan, a Doctor of Nagoya University in Japan, a "Peacock Talent" in Shenzhen, he has implanted the "craftsmanship spirit" of excellence in Japan, and deeply rooted it in the corporate culture of Hypersen.

According to Mr. Wang Guoan, in the future, the 3C electronics industry will usher in a booming development. In addition to the newly launched spectral confocal sensors, the next step of Hypersen's innovation will be on industrial 3D vision sensor products, which incorporates ToF (Time-of-flight ranging), binocular structured light, and other cutting-edge technologies in the industry to further improve performance such as accuracy, reliability, and stability, in order to meet the booming 3C market demand.

At present, the sensor products of Hypersen mainly involve two major fields of optics and mechanics, including confocal sensors, 6Dforce sensors, laser displacement sensors, 3D solid-state lidar, and single-point ToF ranging sensors. These products are representative the industry's top-level high-end intelligent sensors have been tested by the market and have been widely recognized by all walks of life. With the in-depth application of 5G technology, in the future, Hypersen will continue to increase its technical barriers while continuing to cultivate the industry; aiming at industry trends, it will continue to develop new products and technologies, and committed to establishing a premium brand of intelligent sensors.

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