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Hypersen won 2019 Shenzhen Advanced Division Competition


On November 23, 2019, the Shenzhen Sub-district Competition of the 2019 Guangdong Shaoguan "Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing · New Materials" Technology Innovation Contest hosted by the Shaoguan successfully ended. With its "high-end smart sensor" project, Hypersen stands out among many outstanding scientific and technological innovation projects and wins first place.

This science and technology innovation competition is hosted by the Shaoguan and hosted by the Public Investment Fund. It aims to help China's science and technology innovation, discover research results and reward doctoral talents. It is based in the Shenzhen demonstration area and radiates the national urban industry. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and the Greater Bay Area, to find high-quality technology-based projects for the capital market, to help Chinese doctors in entrepreneurship provide high-quality development opportunities, industrial policies, platform advantages, capital support, focus on advantageous resources, and bring into play the scale effect of concentration. Dedicates to make science and technology innovation the first driving force for China's economic growth, and allows China's top technical talents to return to China to set up industries.

It is understood that the Shenzhen Division of the current competition received a total of 2,000 technological innovation projects. After the previous round of selection, 20 projects stood out on the competition stage. After a day of fierce competition, Hypersen finally won the championship.

At the competition site, Mr. Wang Guoan, CEO of Hypersen, gave a wonderful project roadshow. Wang first analyzed the current status of domestic high-end smart sensors. Currently, more than 80% of high-end sensors in China rely on imports. Monopoly, meanwhile, domestic lack of high-end sensor benchmarking enterprises, Haibosen was established in this context, the company's vision is "Dedicating to creating a first-class high-end intelligent sensor brand."

Based on this, since its establishment in 2015, Hypersen has focused on the research and development of high-end sensors. Currently, it has successfully launched 6D force torque sensors, 3D solid-state lidar, and single-point ToF ranging sensors. The 6D force torque sensor is one of the key core components of intelligent manufacturing. It can be installed at the end of the robot arm and measure the forces and torques on the three axes of XYZ at the same time, providing real-time force feedback for the robot to achieve precise grinding and precision. Flexible operations such as assembly and dragging teaching are key elements in the development trend of "robot substitution" under the disappearance of the demographic dividend. Not only the market prospect is broad, but also the social development, especially the development of advanced manufacturing, has a profound impact.

In this competition, the affirmation and recognition of expert judges is a great encouragement to Hypersen. In the future, we will not forget our original intention, continue to use better sensor products to serve users, give back to the society, firmly follow the road of brand power, and build first-class High-end sensor brand. It is reported that the finals of this competition will be held in Shaoguan City on December 13, more exciting, please continue to pay attention to Hai Bosen and the 2019 Shaoguan "advanced intelligent manufacturing · new materials" technology innovation competition.

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