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The First in China! Hypersen Technologies Officially Launched Its 3D Line Confocal Sensor


Recently, Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd. officially released the first 3D line confocal sensor in China, helping to localize the industrial high-precision optical measurement sensors.

Figure 1 Overall view of Hypersen’s 3D line confocal sensor


"Square head, black shell, and symmetrical patterned face" reflects the strength and capability of Hypersen’s 3D line confocal sensor.

Hypersen’s HPS-LCF series 3D line confocal sensor has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and is suitable for high dynamic measurement tasks. The excellent surface illumination compensation technology can quickly adjust the exposure time and adapt to the fast-changing reflective characteristics of various materials’ surfaces so as to ensure high-precision measurement. Regarding the applications, this sensor can be widely used in the precise measurement in industries like 3C electronics, industrial semiconductor, lithium battery and others.

The principle of 3D line confocal sensor is to extend the light focus halo range of light with different color by using a special lens and optical system to form a special amplified color difference. According to the different distance between the object to be measured and the lens, the light with a certain wavelength will be focused on the target. Then, by measuring the wavelength of the reflected wave, the precise distance from the object to the lens and the 3D topography of the target surface can be obtained.

The measurement results will not be affected by the intensity of the reflected light, which means that no matter how much light is reflected from the target, the result of the measured distance stays the same. This feature ensures excellent surface adaptability to different materials.

Figure 2 Diagram of line confocal sensor’s principle

Therefore, even if the object to be measured is a strong light-absorbing material, such as the black rubber; or transparent materials like glass or liquid, high-precision and reliable measurement can be achieved using Hypersen’s 3D line confocal sensor.

Hypersen Technologies has completed nearly 100 million yuan in financing and received funding and policy support from the national and local governments. It has been committed to self-research and innovation to help upgrade the technology of domestic high-end sensors. Focusing on R&D and product improvement, Hypersen has developed the first 3D line confocal sensor in China after more than two years of technical research and improvement, which has demonstrated its unparalleled excellent characteristics in various performance indicators.

l Ultrahigh resolution: 2,048 data points/line

l Fastest scanning speed: 17,000 lines/s

l Scanning with sub-micron precision; simultaneous output of 2D and 3D images

l No limit to material, shape and reflection; precise measurement of multi-layer materials

Full solid-state integrated design without any moving components; ingress protection: IP55


From R&D concept to final product display, the HPS-LCF series of products have undergone long-term testing and verification in actual application scenarios . In “ITES China Exhibition 2021”, Hypersen’s 3D line confocal sensor has attracted much attention.

Source: ITES China 2021 - Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a provider of high-end intelligent sensors that integrates mechanics, optics, electronics, and algorithm technologies. As a Chinese national high-tech enterprise, Hypersen has a full set of R&D and large-scale production capabilities for premium sensors. We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification and has obtained dozens of patents and software copyrights. Adhering to the service principle of "Wins the market by technology and treats customers with integrity", Hypersen is committed to establishing a premium brand of intelligent sensors.

At present, Hypersen can provide the following products and solutions: 3D Line Confocal Sensor, Chromatic Confocal Sensor, High-Speed Industrial Camera, 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor, Laser Cross Beam Sensor, 3D Solid-state LiDAR, Laser Displacement Sensor, ToF (Time of Flight) Ranging Sensor, and 3D Vision Autonomous Grasping Solution. These patented sensors are commonly used in industries like Industrial Automated Measurement, Robotics, Drones, AGV, Smart Transportation, IoT, Vehicles, and Consumer Electronics.

Hypersen believes that domestic high-end sensors are the foundation of the  high-end intelligent manufacturing in China. Wang Guoan, the founder of Hypersen Technologies, called for more opportunities and support for domestic high-end intelligent sensors from excellent and adventurous intelligent manufacturing enterprises, robot manufacturers, system integrators and other customers. In order  to localize high-end intelligent industrial sensors, Hypersen expects to work with enterprises in the whole industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing to resolve the stranglehold problems and create greater value for the transformation and upgrading of domestic industrial manufacturing industry.

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