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Hypersen releases confocal sensor at CES 2020


From January 8th to 11th, Beijing time, CES 2020 officially kicked off at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As the world's largest consumer electronics show, the technology exhibited at CES often represents the highest standard in the industry. It has always been the focus of attention of the scientific and technological circles and people who are concerned about technology. These technological changes are particularly exciting and inspiring.

At CES 2020, as a representative of domestic high-end smart sensor brands, Hypersen is not to be outdone. This is Hypersen's second time at CES, Hypersen not only showed the company's new heavyweight product-the confocal sensor, but also showed 6D force sensor, laser displacement sensor, 3D solid-state lidar, single-point ToF ranging sensors. These high-end smart sensors from China's "smart manufacturing" represent the industry's highest level in China.

With the advent of the 5G era, the 3C electronics industry such as mobile phones will also usher in a new development climax, and the demand for precision testing equipment in the production process is also growing. Therefore, at this exhibition, the Hypersen booth exhibited a brand new confocal sensor HPS-CF4000, which is also one of the flagship products launched by Hypersen according to market trends in 2020. HPS-CF4000 is a high-precision non-contact measurement sensor that is not affected by material and shape. Its accuracy can reach nanometer level. The controller can control 4 sensor heads at the same time. The maximum measurement frequency of a single sensor head can reach 8K Hz. Unique multi-layer material measurement algorithm, which can measure the thickness or gap between transparent / translucent multi-layer materials, liquid surface detection, mirror flatness, and other highly reflective objects.

At the same time, Hypersen also exhibited a variety of high-end smart sensors such as 6D force torque sensors, laser displacement sensors, 3D solid-state lidar, and single-point ToF ranging sensors. These products are related to optics and mechanics and recognized by customers, are widely used in industrial automation, intelligent transportation, industrial robots, drones and other fields.

For example, a 6D force torque sensor, which can measure forces and moments in three directions in XYZ in real time. The product's unique high-precision strain gauge and structural design achieve higher signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity, and built-in temperature compensation algorithm greatly reduces temperature drift. It can be applied to industrial robots to achieve functions such as precision assembly, precision grinding, dragging and teaching. In addition, it is also suitable for collaborative robots, exoskeleton robots, medical robots, flexible grippers, automated measurement, control, and wind tunnel tests, etc. This product is very popular in the market because of its superior performance and high cost performance. It has also won the "Innovative Exhibit Award" at the 2019 China Hi-Tech Fair.

CES is the opening show of 2020. In this international feast, Hypersen perfectly presented a variety of high-end smart sensors with various functions and functions to meet the different needs of customers. It also means that Hypersen has entered 2020, a year full of hope and challenges. In the future, Hypersen will continue to work hard, focus on the global market, stimulate new creativity, launch more professional and forward-looking technologies and products, and better serve customers.

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