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Film thickness measurement

Normally, the thickness of the film refers to the distance between the surface of the substrate and the surface of the film, but in fact, the surface of the film is uneven and discontinuous, and there are pinholes, microcracks, fibers, impurities, and impurities in the film. Lattice defects and surface adsorption molecules, etc. Therefore, the thickness of the film can be divided into three categories: shape thickness, mass thickness, and physical thickness.

The thickness of industrially produced films is an important parameter. With the advancement of science and technology and the application of precision instruments, there are many methods for measuring film thickness, which can be divided into two categories: direct measurement and indirect measurement.

Using a spectral confocal sensor, the thickness of the thin film is measured non-contact using optical methods. In the detection process, white light can penetrate directly, and the value of the middle section of the apexes of the two wave crests is taken as the thickness of the film.

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