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Thickness Measurement

Hypersen high-precision HPS-LC010 laser displacement sensors convert the thickness of the object into usable output signals. It is commonly used in industrial processes to measure the thickness of materials and their surface coatings; it can also be used for error measurement in thickness control systems. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to the thickness detection of materials such as cards, paper, wood, steel, conveyor belts, rubber sheets, battery pole pieces, etc. It has been widely used in light industry, automobile, machinery, steel, rubber and other industries applications.

1. A semiconductor laser was used as the light source, and the laser wavelength was 655 nm.

2. The non-contact measurement method uses a laser beam as a mechanical probe for detection.

3. High resolution and measurement accuracy up to 0.1um.

4. The system adopts feedback adjustment mode to perform closed-loop real-time monitoring of industrial production processes.