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Smart parking

As for the intelligent parking solution, the existing detection means include: ground sensing coil, wireless geomagnetic detection, camera, microwave radar.

Geosynthetic coil is an early scheme, which has stable technology and low price. However, the disadvantages are also obvious: severe damage to the pavement, difficult construction, high maintenance difficulty. The installation of wireless geomagnetic inspection is much simpler and avoids extensive damage to roads. The construction cost is low, but it also increases the cost, and the response time and accuracy are lower than the ground induction coil. Microwave radar is mainly used for highway detection. It can detect speed and distance, but can't detect parking effectively. Camera detection can detect the vehicle's speed and entry condition, but the disadvantage is affected by the light.

A single ToF sensor is installed on the top of the parking lot to detect whether the parking space is vacant

To sum up, it can be seen that every technology has its shortcomings. If high accuracy is to be achieved, low construction and maintenance costs. Additional assistive testing needs to be considered. For example, auxiliary positioning sensors are added for the disadvantages of low accuracy and blind areas of the camera in dark light environment.

Then, as an auxiliary laser sensor needs to have the following points

1. High measurement accuracy, up to centimeter level of detection accuracy

2. Small size, easy to install and maintain

3. Meanwhile, as auxiliary equipment, the cost should not be too high.

The single point ToF laser sensor of Hypersen technology, with built-in environmental light, temperature, color compensation function, therefore, has ±2% error rate; In appearance, small and compact design structure, low power consumption, light weight, and has IP67 protection class; High cost performance. In addition, the UART or CAN interfaces are supported

In smart parking applications, Hypersen provides solutions for well-known domestic logistics enterprises. The customer initially used camera detection, with an accuracy of 95%, and increased the accuracy to 99% after adding ToF.

ToF technology, or Time of Flight. When the infrared light is emitted by the sensor, the object is reflected. The sensor calculates the time difference or phase difference between light emission and reflection to convert the distance of the object to generate depth information. ToF technology is suitable for medium distance measurement, and has the characteristics of good performance and fast response time in low ambient light.

Hypersen technologies is committed to the development, production and sales of high-end intelligent sensors. Located in Shenzhen, is a technology driven technology - based enterprises. Current products include: small field Angle single point ToF ranging sensor, 3D array LiDAR, six dimensional force sensor, spectral confocal sensor, laser triangular displacement sensor.

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