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Empty Bay Detection

With the rapid development of economy and science and technology, the number of urban motor vehicles has been increasing, and the contradiction between many large and medium-sized cities has become more and more prominent. The problems of parking difficulties are also intensifying. Traditional parking management methods cannot meet the requirements for parking lots in efficiency and safety.

At present, there are still many parking lots that do not pay attention to the parking space status, and the parking utilization rate is not high. In large and medium-sized parking lots, vehicles enter and exit frequently, parking spaces are difficult to count, and parking space utilization is lower. In addition, irregular parking conditions sometimes occur, such as the vehicle exceeds or does not fully enter the parking space, the vehicle crosses the left line or right line. These phenomenon not only affect the parking of other drivers, but also increase the management cost of the parking lot.

Based on this, Hypersen single-point ToF ranging sensor can accurately and quickly detect the use of parking spaces. A sensor is installed on each parking space to detect whether the parking space is free by detecting a change in the distance. The simple installation, convenient use and low cost sensor realize fast and accurate detection and management of idle parking spaces and non-standard parking, which can effectively improve the parking lot management.