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Vehicle height limit

The Hypersen lidar can accurately and quickly detect whether the vehicle is over-elevated in real time, and actively provide early warning for collision avoidance.

The lidar height-limiting intelligent anti-collision system can efficiently avoid accidents, has a good night detection effect, has stable performance in fog, rain, snow and other weather conditions, and is easy to install and maintain.

The lidar height limit intelligent collision avoidance system uses lidar as the core sensor, which can predict in advance whether the vehicle entering the detection area is super high. When the lidar detects the passing information of a super-high vehicle, it can immediately trigger the corresponding height-limit warning device, so that the driver of the super-high vehicle can get early warning prompts in time to avoid the occurrence of painful accidents.

1. Security upgrade, prevent it before it happens

The traditional height limit bar only considers how to stubbornly jam the super-high vehicle, and does not consider the life safety of the driver. In the event of rain or fog, the human eye cannot judge or the speed is too fast to judge, it is very easy for the vehicle to hit the height limit. Accident on the pole. Aiming at the height restriction of highway entrances, bridges, tunnels, culverts and some special road sections, intelligent anti-collision solutions are proposed. Through the sensitive detection function of lidar, the acousto-optic warning is given in advance to the super-high vehicles that are about to pass, which is effective and convenient to guide the vehicles.

scene one:

Use the lidar independently developed by Hypersen. As shown in the figure below, the lidar can be directly erected on the mast (Figure 1) or the side pole (Figure 2) at 200 meters in front of the height limit point according to the characteristics of the scene (the specific distance is selected according to the speed of the current road section). The lidar is installed vertically, and when the vehicle passes through the mast, the height of the vehicle can be accurately detected. The solution can output the exact height of the vehicle in real time, and can simultaneously control multiple lanes.

The lidar can be directly erected on the mast at the height limit point or the side pole according to the characteristics of the scene. The lidar is installed horizontally. When the vehicle passes through the mast, the height of the vehicle can be accurately detected, and the detection area can be flexibly set to meet the needs of complex scenes. The installation is simple and flexible.

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