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Drone Collision Avoidance

As a guarantee to increase the safe flight of drones, obstacle avoidance technology is also changing rapidly.

The "obstacle avoidance function" is used as a drone to collect the information of the surrounding environment through its sensors, and to measure the distance to make corresponding action instructions, thereby achieving the most direct benefit of obstacle avoidance. In the past, collision caused by people’s mistakes can now be avoided through the obstacle avoidance function, which not only ensures the safety of the drone, but also avoids damage to the surrounding people, so that the threshold of the flying drone is further reduced.

Hypersen’s single-point ToF ranging sensor, light to 6.8g, can be flexibly integrated into the drone; it is also equipped with an optimized design of the transmitting and receiving optical lens, built-in advanced filtering and data processing algorithms, measuring distance up to 50m.