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6D Force Torque Sensor  HPS-FT060S
6D Force Torque Sensor HPS-FT060S
  • 6D Force Torque Sensor  HPS-FT060S


Measuring force and torque on three spatial axes of XYZ

Equipped with high performance processor and 24bit ADC

High SNR digital output

400% overload capacity

2000Hz output data rate

Low zero drift & cross-axis effect, low temperature drift

Available with Ethernet, EtherCAT and RS-485 communication

Suitable for industrial robots, collaborative robots, factory automation and so on.

Technical parameters
Model HPS-FT060S Operating temperature -10~55°C
System structure Digital output+Adapter Power 0.5w
Measuring range ±1000N(Fxy) Commuincation interface Ethernet.EtherCAT.RS485
±2000N(Fz) Weight 465g
±30Nm(Mxy) Size 87*78*28.5mm
±30Nm(Mz) Power supply 12-24V
precision 0.5N(Fxy) External connector type Anti-fall aviation plug
0.5N(Fz) Data output rate 2000Hz(max)
0.004Nm(Mxy) Protection class IP65
0.004Nm(Mz) Hysteresis <0.1%
Non-linearity <1.25% Overload 400%
Greep <2% Signal noise 0.03N(x,y)
Crosstalk 2%(F.S)max 0.12N(z)
Application field
  • Robot Hand Guiding
  • Surface Polishing
  • Force Controlled Assembly
  • Machine Tending
  • Force Feedback Control
  • Robot Collision Avoidance
  • Packaging & Palletizing
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