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  • HPS-LCB02


High repeatability and high reliability

Repeatability up to 0.01mm

Simultaneous calibration of two axes

Three coordinates can be calibrated and accurately positioned at the same time

Integrated design, compact structure

Simple wiring, Easy to install

Backlight compensation

Automatic compensation of background light, interference resistance

Short reaction time

Switch frequency up to 2kHz

IP67 protection

Technical parameters
Power supply voltage DC+12~+30V Current consumption Max. 30*1 mA
Output 2x PNP-NO Output status display Yellow led
Operating temperature -20 ~ 75℃ Laser type 650nm
Laser class Class II Switching frequency Max. 2000Hz
Resolvable object diameter 0.2mm Repeatability <0.01mm
Shell material Aluminum, black anode oxidized surface Interface M8 aviation plug
Size 60(L)x60(W)x34mm(H), not including interface Cable M8 elbow connector, diameter: 4.6mm, 4-pin
Cable length 2m
Application field
  • Industrial Robot positioning
  • dispenser positioning
  • CNC tool positioning
  • Industrial positioning
Product size
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