3D Vision Autonomous Grasping
3D Vision Autonomous Grasping
  • 3D Vision Autonomous Grasping

3D Vision Autonomous Grasping

- Adopting 3D imaging technology based on binocular structured light

- Autonomous identification and positioning of targets

- Quick response. Grasping speed: 2s-4s

- Capable of recognizing the polyhedra orientation and can adjust the target posture while grasping

- High accuracy, Scanning accuracy: 0.01mm-0.1mm, Positioning accuracy: 0.03mm-0.5mm

- Identify the targets and object frames accurately

- Grasping force control to protect the grippers and targets from damage

Technical parameters
Resolution 1280*720 1920*1080 2592*2048
3D Acquisition time 0.6-0.9s 0.6-0.9s 2-2.4s
Max working distance 700mm 1000mm 1400mm
Camera calibration accuracy 0.2mm@0.4m 0.2mm@0.7m 0.2mm@1.1m
Positioning accuracy of the grasping system 0.4mm@0.4m 0.4mm@0.7m 0.4mm@1.1m
Identifying and matching speed 150-800ms 180-900ms 240-1200ms
Minimum grasping circle time 2s 3s 4s
Camera communication interface USB3.0
Object categories A variety of objects of different shapes and kinds
Payload Optional: According to the payload of robots
New object training Templates generated by artificial scanning of targets
Calibration method Automatic calibration
Working voltage 12VDC
Application field
  • FMCG packaging
  • Forging stamping
  • Machining
  • Auto parts
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