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2019 CIIF, Hypersen invites you to


Shanghai in September is destined to attract the attention of all people. From September 17th to 21st, the 21st China International Industry Fair with the theme of "Smart, Connected-Enabling New Development of the Industry" was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), with more than 2,600 companies from 27 countries and regions At the exhibition, more than 100 cutting-edge technologies and products were launched, highlighting the status of the ICIF as a global benchmark for manufacturing technology innovation. At the same time, the appearance of a large number of projects to fill domestic gaps and break the monopoly of foreign technologies also shows the leap from manufacturing to "intelligent manufacturing" in Chinese industry. The “sensor + robot” industrial automation solution exhibited by Hypersen at this industrial expo has attracted countless lights.

For a long time, the positions of industrial robots have been concentrated on the assembly line-as welders, painters, or as porters in warehouses, and these markets are currently relatively saturated. As robot applications pay more and more attention to other industrial scenarios, such as labor-intensive 3C electronics, home appliances and other industries, more and more urgent needs for smarter and more flexible robots.

As a domestic high-end intelligent sensor brand, its products belong to the core parts and components of industrial automation, and this industrial fair, in order to let the audience more intuitively understand the actual application scenarios of the sensor in the field of intelligent manufacturing Heberson installed a 6D force torque sensor at the end of the KUKA robot, and used the sensor to control the force of the gripper of the robot end, so as to achieve related precision operations, such as precision assembly and flexible grinding. Hypersen also demonstrated the zero-distance interaction between the real-life robot and humans by dragging and teaching, and the real person dragged the manipulator to realize related operations. Not only did the audience at the scene experience the existence of "human-machine collaboration", but also outlined the industry future direction of intelligence.

In addition, the harmonious coexistence of man and machine is an important aspect of "man-machine collaboration". In recent years, frequent injuries to machines in production workshops have become a pain point for the industry. At this exhibition, Hypersen also set the robot's safety area through the sensor 3D solid-state LiDAR. Once the sensor detects that an object has entered the robot's work area, it will trigger an alarm to stop the robot. This solution can completely prevent machine injuries from happening again, realizing human-machine collaboration.

At the exhibition site, Hypersen also showed the company's full range of products, including 6D force torque sensors, 3D solid-state LiDAR, and single-point ToF ranging sensors.

CIIF lasted for five days, and Hypersen was full of success. Not only did he show customers the "sensor + robot" industrial automation solution, but he also received a lot of praise from customers. In the future, Hypersen will continue to adhere to its original intention and launch more intelligent sensors, which will contribute to the development of China's industrial automation.

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