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3D Solid State LiDARの環境構築(Ubuntu)


はじめに 近年、LiDARは自動運転などにより普及が進み、価格が従来と比べて非常に安くなってきており、研究界隈でも注目されています。市場規模で言えば、2025年には約3,330億円規模に達すると予測されています。 今回はそんなLidarの中でも3D LiD


Hypersen releases confocal sensor at CES 2020


北京时间1月8日-11日,CES 2020(国际消费类电子产品展览会)正式在美国拉斯维加斯会展中心拉开帷幕。作为全球最大的消费电子展, CES展出的技术往往代表业界最高水准,历来是科技界和关注科技人士的关注焦点,而今年的CES现场也不负众望,惊现诸多黑科技,如索尼跨界造


Hypersen 2019: Technical Innovation & Diversified Marketing


For Hypersen, 2019 is the year of innovation and the year of marketing. In particular, when it comes to innovation, this is the foundation upon which Hypersen relies and grows, and it is also the gene flowing in the blood of the company. Thanks to technological innovation, a number of Hypersen products have completed iterative upgrades in 2019, and new product development has also achieved remarkable results. In addition, the participation of more than ten industry exhibitions or summit forums has allowed Haiboson to quietly transition from the industry's cutting-edge to a well-known brand.


Hypersen won the annual


On the evening of December 13, with the successful conclusion of the sixth Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, the 2019 Annual Conference of GG-ROBOT was successfully concluded. With its rapid growth and expansion in 2019, Hypersen has won the"Top Ten Investment Value Enterprises" award.


[Hypersen| 2019 Annual Conference of GG-ROBOT] Intelligent Sensors Give Machines


Intelligent sensors empower robots with "human" capabilities. On November 11, 2019, the 2019 annual conference of senior robots with the theme of "eco-interconnected and breakout" was held at the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. This is a robot. Annual feast in the field, covering machines from core component suppliers, ontology companies, system integrators, and end-effectors, machine vision and other supporting equipment manufacturers