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2019 World Robot Conference ends successfully, Hypersen invites you to review the highlight moments


,2019 World Robot Conference will be held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 20th to 25th. The theme of the conference is "Smart New Ecology, Opening New Era", bringing together the world's top companies, focusing on the latest achievements in the field of robotics research in the world and the future trend of the robotics industry to promote innovation in the technology industry. Hibson debuted with high-end sensors, demonstrating human-machine collaboration and

The 6-day World Robot Conference 2019 ended on August 25 in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. A variety of new robot products, technologies and applications at the exhibition site were dizzying. The stunning pictures of "Meeting the Future" haunted the audience for a long time. The World Robot Conference in Beijing has become the most prestigious comprehensive event in the global robotics field.

This time, Hypersen and Tongchuan Technology demonstrated the latest cutting-edge robotics technology to 300,000 audiences, attracting a large number of audiences to stop and watch and exchange.

In order to let more customers know about the high-end intelligent sensors of Hiberson, Hypersen uses a combination of dynamic and static display methods. On the one hand, the hypersen's four types of sensors, including single-point ToF ranging sensors, 3D solid-state lidar, and 6D force torque sensors, are clearly placed in display cabinets, allowing customers to clearly observe the appearance of Hypersen's products.

On the other hand, sensors and robots are fused to achieve human-machine collaboration. This time, Hypersen installed a 6D force torque sensor at the end of the KUKA robot, and used the sensor to control the force of the gripper on the end of the robot to achieve force-controlled operations, such as precision assembly and flexible grinding. The hand-teaching staged the zero-distance interaction between the real robot and the human, and the real person dragged the manipulator to realize related operations. Not only did the audience experience the existence of "human-machine collaboration" at zero distance, but also deeply felt the immense energy contained in this mall body of the sensor.

The harmonious coexistence of man and machine is an important aspect of "man-machine collaboration". The frequent occurrence of machine-injury incidents in recent years is also one of the key factors that gave birth to the concept of man-machine collaboration. At this exhibition, Hypersen also set the robot's safety area through the 3D solid-state lidar. Once the sensor detects that an object has entered the robot's work area, it will trigger an alarm to stop the robot. This solution can completely prevent the happening of machine injuries.

safety area protection demostration

It is worth mentioning that Hypersen's participation in this exhibition also “accidentally” became the star exhibitor of the WRC, which not only attracted many customers to watch, but even the organizer's media also went to the scene to shoot reports.

The 2019 World Robot Conference has come to a successful conclusion. For the first time, Hypersen has not only gained a lot, but also learned a lot. As the chairman of the International Robotics Research Foundation (IFRR) said, "Our era is where human-machine cooperation occurs. The era of change has provided us with great opportunities and challenges. "In the future, Hypersen will continue to follow the development direction of global robots and develop more core and high-end intelligent sensor products for the harmonious coexistence of human and robot.

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