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Application of Hypersen’s different machine vision inspections in mobile phone inspections

If there is a list of "necessary tools for going out", there is no doubt that "mobile phone" is at the top! It can be carried with you every day, which is convenient for personal life and work, and its importance is self-evident.

Usually people will compare brands, prices, performance configurations, etc. when choosing a mobile phone, but with the upgrading of consumer demand, appearance and feel have also become important basis for consumption decisions. Because of this, in order to cope with the fierce competition of homogeneity, mobile phone manufacturers must not only optimize various raw materials, but also make great efforts in appearance. The recent news that "iphone 15 Pro will completely cancel the physical buttons and realize the complete integration of the fuselage" has caused heated discussions on the Internet. In fact, the appearance design of mobile phones has been iteratively updated, and it is also the general trend in the industry to switch from physical buttons to no buttons.

So what visual inspections do mobile phones need to do? In order to look more "beautiful" as a whole, the appearance inspection of the whole machine is essential. The inspection items generally include abnormal color, impurities, scratches, paint peeling, etc.

For some more complex detection applications that require high-precision 3D detection, manufacturers can use Hypersen's 3D line spectrum confocal sensor and 3D flash sensor to quickly obtain 3D point cloud information on the surface of the mobile phone during inspection deployment, and use AI algorithms and The image coding system processes data online, efficiently and stably identifies deviations or defects, and ensures the quality of mobile phones.

In addition to the appearance inspection of the whole machine, various inspections are also required in the production and assembly of products and the production and manufacturing of various upstream parts.

For example, during the assembly process, there may be problems such as missing parts, wrong parts, large bonding gaps, etc., as well as uneven packaging parts, wrong labels, and foreign objects on the protective film. In addition, for more complex internal parts and components, there are more inspection items, which are generally divided into size and shape measurement, edge feature positioning, and surface defect inspection.

Every mobile phone needs to go through multiple tests before it goes on the market, not just the appearance test.

In the application of machine vision, there is another important content to test the quality and impact resistance of mobile phones, which is the drop test. The drop test is based on the random inspection method. The high-speed industrial camera system is used to quickly capture the moment of collision when the mobile phone is dropped. Through the analysis of the deformation image, data guidance is provided for the optimization of product structure and materials.

About Hypersen

Hypersen focuses on innovative research and development of high-end intelligent sensing technology, and has formed a mature product matrix in the field of machine vision inspection, including 3D flash measurement sensor, 3D line spectral confocal sensor, point spectral confocal displacement sensor and ultra-high-speed industrial camera , suitable for scenarios such as high-precision appearance inspection, high-frequency online measurement, and high-speed motion shooting in the mobile phone industry.

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