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Hypersen’s chromatic confocal sensor is used for PCB appearance defect detection

As the "mother of electronic products", the printed circuit board (PCB board) is also the product with the highest market share in the global electronic component products. As small as electronic watches, calculators, and general-purpose computers, as large as computers, communication electronic equipment, and military weapon systems, as long as there are electronic components such as integrated circuits, PCB is used for electrical interconnection between them.

PCB board is an important precision component of electronic products, which plays a connecting role in the whole industrial chain, and its quality directly affects the performance of products. In other words, the PCB circuit board industry is an industry that wins by quality. Appearance inspection is a very important part of PCB inspection work, which has high requirements for accuracy, efficiency, and speed. With the weakening of the demographic dividend and the upgrading of automation technology, machines are gradually replacing manual inspection and playing a greater role. Machine vision inspection technology has the characteristics of 24-hour repeated operation, high recognition efficiency, and high recognition accuracy, so it has a wide range of applications.

1. The cost of PCB during the whole process inspection is far less than that after the final inspection and inspection.

2. Can detect repeatability errors as soon as possible, such as patch offset or incorrect tray installation, etc., to ensure product quality, reduce labor costs, and improve labor efficiency. .

3. Non-contact measurement, not easy to damage and scratch the PCB board, providing SPC materials for process technicians.

4. The conversion of test code is very fast. The test code of PCB machine vision inspection equipment can be directly converted from CAD data, which is very convenient. Compared with ICT, because there is no need to make professional fixtures, the inspection cost is also greatly reduced.

5. Can keep up with the manufacturing rhythm of SMT production line. In the past, many processing factories relied on manual visual inspection to detect PCB components during the processing process, but at this stage, PCB inspection technology can guarantee high-tempo on-line inspection requirements.

6. High detection reliability. The factors of detection are accuracy and reliability. Manual visual inspection always has its limitations, while PCB inspection technology detection avoids these disadvantages and can maintain good accuracy and reliability.

In the application of appearance defect inspection, machine vision inspection equipment often adopts non-contact measurement and inspection technology. Compared with traditional contact inspection methods, it can avoid the wear, deformation or appearance of foreign objects on the appearance of the product, such as optical appearance inspection, including ToF laser , binocular structural vision and chromatic confocal detection technologies, due to the wide application range and complex material composition of PCB boards, especially the surface coating, soldering tin, wiring, etc., not only high precision, but also the adaptation of materials Therefore, the technical requirements for testing equipment are extremely strict.

Hypersen's chromatical confocal sensor is not afraid of strong reflected light, and has wide adaptability to detection materials. It can effectively detect highly reflective glass, transparent objects and strong light-absorbing object materials; high-performance hardware integration, with the self-developed optical detection algorithm, can also Realize product appearance inspection with sub-micron precision; different selections allow customers to customize the inspection requirements of 2D, 3D, and 2D/3D composites.

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