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Products and enterprises won awards, Hypersen became big winners in the High-Tech Fair


On November 17, the 21st High-Tech Fair, which lasted for 5 days, ended successfully. After 21 years of the Hi-Tech Fair, we have witnessed the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology. There are more than 10,000 high-tech projects displayed in this Hi-Tech Fair, covering artificial intelligence, 5G commercial, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, intelligent driving, big data , Cloud computing and other fields, many of them new products and new technologies all debuted, once again highlighting the industry's weathervane function.

Among them, the Shenzhen-based sensor brand Hypersen shined during the High-Tech Fair, and its newly developed 6D force torque sensor won the “High-Tech Fair Excellent Innovation Product Award”, and was selected into the High-Tech Fair Excellent Innovation Product Display Area.

It is reported that the “Excellent and Innovative Product Display Area” started from the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair, which aims to select a group of outstanding innovative products from the products participating in the Hi-Tech Fair around the theme of technological innovation, and set up an independent display area for publicity and display. It is no exaggeration to say that the "excellent innovative product display area" is a "collection place" for outstanding scientific and technological achievements in China and the world.

At this session of the Hi-Tech Fair, Hypersen 6D force torque sensor was able to stand out from thousands of participating products and become one of the 83 products selected by experts. This is in itself the greatest recognition of its technological innovation.

It is understood that the 6D force torque sensor of Hypersen can be used in industrial fields such as industrial robots, collaborative robots, exoskeleton robots, medical rehabilitation robots, flexible grippers and robot joints, automated measurement, control, and wind tunnel testing, etc. Many delicate operations of the line, such as force-controlled grinding, polishing, force-controlled palletizing, and precision assembly, make the machine more intelligent and give the machine the "human" ability!

At present, the 6D force torque sensor of Hypersen has successfully completed a key test-2 million times of full load test, and all index parameters have remained normal. 6D force torque sensor with such excellent performance, but the price is only half of the imported products, high-performance benchmarking international top-level, its future is expected.

Excellent innovative products are often inseparable from the same outstanding companies behind them. While the products have won awards, enterprises are naturally no exception. During this session of the China Hi-Tech Fair, Hypersen won the title of "2019 China Five-Lead Industrial Pilot and Innovation Application Model Selection-High-end Intelligent Sensor Innovative Enterprise".

According to the public data, Hypersen was founded in 2015 and is a national high-tech enterprise. The core R & D team is composed of Mr. Wang Guoan, a returnee from Shenzhen Peacock Talents and outstanding domestic R & D personnel, and is committed to providing customers with high performance and reliability sensor products and professional technical services, the current products have been widely used in Industry 4.0, robotics, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, Internet of things, drones, precision measurement and other industries.

Both products and enterprises have won awards. For Hibson, this session of the Hi-Tech Fair is a big winner.

During the High-Tech Fair, in addition to showing new technologies and new products to the audience, a rich professional forum was held at the same time to keep up with the hot topics and trends in the industry, and invited authoritative figures in the industry to give live commentary

At the 21st China Hi-Tech Fair 5G and Intelligent Internet of Things Innovation and Development Forum, Mr. Wang Guoan, CEO of Heberson, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Smart Sensors in the Internet of Things", which aroused widespread concern within and outside the industry.

Mr. Wang Guoan believes that sensors are like human features, but they are not responsible for beauty, but for sensing and giving life to objects. At the same time, it is also the "heart" of the Internet of Things. As the entrance to data collection, it is the foundation and prerequisite for the realization of the Internet of Things.

Subsequently, Mr. Wang Guoan systematically explained the development prospect of the sensor and its future application solutions in the Industrial Internet of Things. The guests and audience at the conference could benefit a lot.

Looking back at this session of the Hi-Tech Fair, under the background of the slowdown of the world economic growth and the more complicated and severe foreign trade environment, foreign exhibitors' enthusiasm for participation has continued, with 44 countries and international organizations and 148 groups participating, with 576,000 visitors. The number of visitors came from 108 countries and regions, the number of participating countries and the number of overseas groups reached a record high, and the level of internationalization increased again.

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