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On August 28-30, 2018, the 24th NEPCON South China 2018 kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the window of China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen is the strongest distribution center for the electronics manufacturing industry in South China.

During the three-day exhibition, NEPCON will be on display with S-FACTORY (Intelligent Factory and Automation Technology Exhibition), AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA (China Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition) and CS Show (Shenzhen International Circuit Board Procurement Exhibition). The unique style of different electronic industry segments has comprehensively revitalized the innovation of the electronics industry and created an annual event for the electronics industry.

This year's NEPCON South China 2018, with a comprehensive upgrade in the scale and quality, is dedicated to enriching the entire electronics manufacturing industry chain, which is therefore favored by 650 electronics manufacturing brands around the world. On the opening day, exhibitors at all levels showed innovative equipment, innovative materials and cutting-edge system integration solutions covering SMT, test and measurement, welding and dispensing, and electronic manufacturing automation. More than 50,000 square meters of exhibition halls are popular, and an electronics manufacturing industry annual carnival is on fire.

Hypersen also participated in the NEPCON with high-end intelligent sensors as scheduled, and exhibited single-point ToF ranging sensors, nano-precision laser displacement sensors and other industry-leading sensor products.

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