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Service Robot

The service robot is a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous robot that can perform services that are beneficial to human health. It can be divided into professional service robots and personal/home service robots. It has a wide range of applications, mainly for maintenance, repair, transportation, cleaning, security, rescue, guardianship, etc.

In order for the service robot to work properly, it is necessary to study the sensor information of the service robot and fuse the information provided by the sensor to improve the positioning of the robot, obstacle recognition, environmental modeling, and accuracy of obstacle avoidance.

Robot obstacle avoidance:Hypersen’s 3D solid-state LiDAR integrates sophisticated infrared lenses and professional algorithms to generate 3D point cloud data in one shot and transmit it in real time via high-speed communication interface. Large field of view and high resolution also facilitates a clear and accurate identification of obstacles in front, enabling robots to accurately avoid obstacles.

Ground obstacle detection:Hypersen's single-point ToF ranging sensor can be integrated into the robot to detect obstacles on the ground by measuring changes in distance, as well as stair drop detection.