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Industrial Collaborative Robot

As the most important intelligent device in intelligent manufacturing system, industrial robot can not finish any work when it exists alone. It must be combined with specific applications, equipped with control programs to meet specific application scenarios to achieve a complete system integration application. The sensors involved in industrial robot system integration applications include the following products:

  • Hypersen’s 6d force torque sensor is used not only for the robot's end-manipulators and fixtures, but also for other parts of the robot, such as the torso, arms, legs and head. These special force torque sensors are used to monitor rapid limb movements, detect obstacles and provide safety alerts to the robot's central processor. For example, when the force torque sensor in the robotic arm senses a sudden and unexpected external force from the collision of the robotic arm, its control safety software can stop the arm and retract its position. Specific application scenarios include force feedback control, flexible precision assembly, and drag teaching.

  • Hypersen’s HPS-LC010 laser displacement sensor can be used for robot repetitive positioning error control, real-time feedback of industrial robot's operational accuracy, stable operation and other conditions.