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Hypersen’s high-end smart sensors appear at the Smart Factory+ Automation World 2023


On March 10, the Korea Smart Factory + Automation World 2023 was successfully held. During the exhibition, Hypersen’s series of high-end smart sensor products attract many visitors’ attention. Empowering industrial manufacturing with innovative industrial sensing technology, Hypersen brings a visual feast of sensing technology to the visitors, and lets the world appreciate the charm of sensing technology.

Visitors at Hypersen’s booth

Product Demo and FAQ

On-site inspection of visitors products

"Smart Factory + Automation World 2023" is the most influential smart factory exhibition in Korea. At this exhibition, we  showcased a series of advanced smart sensor products. whith can be widely used in high-precision 2D/3D visual inspection, robot force control, industrial ranging and positioning and other scenarios.

In the context of intelligent manufacturing, product quality and production efficiency are the key to market competition. It is an inevitable trend for machines to replace people. Therefore, industrial production upgrading depends on the innovation of sensor technology.  And we have more opportunities to expand the company's sensor product market business and enhance the international influence of the company's brand,such as these exhibitions.

About Hypersen

Hypersen Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, the core team is composed of overseas Ph.d, masters, experienced engineers and marketing experts, we have many years of experience in the optical, magnetic, electromechanical products industry.

Hypersen has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "winning the market with science and technology, treating customers with integrity". We are committed to building a first-class, high-end smart sensor brand. We continue to innovate to provide customers with high-performance, high-reliability sensor products and excellent services.

At present, Hypersen already has the R&D and mass-production capabilities of optical, mechanical, electronic and magnetic sensors. These sensors are commonly used in semiconductors, 3C electronics, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), LED, glass, robotics, AGV, and other fields. Because we have the ability to solve the pain points in the above areas, many industry leaders in China and abroad have been using our products.

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