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Hypersen's 6D force torque sensor successfully passed 2 million full-load tests!


Recently, Hypersen's 6D force torque sensor HPS-FT060 successfully completed a key test of the 2 million full-load tests, which means that the anti-overload performance and reliability of the Hypersen's 6D force torque sensor have reached international standards Leading the industry.

In this test, the HPS-FT060 is installed on a fatigue load test bench, and the X, Y, and Z axes of the sensor are alternately applied with a full load (Fxy, ± 600N; Fz, ± 1000N) and torque in a one-second cycle. (Mxyz, ± 15Nm), after the number of times reaches 2 million times, is the data output by the detection sensor normal? The purpose of this test is to detect whether the performance of the six-dimensional force sensor is stable after millions of full-load operations, and to observe its subsequent work.

Hypersen 6D force torque sensor test platform/span>

The Hypersen 6D force torque sensor HPS-FT060 is a new type of force sensor that can check three-dimensional orthogonal forces (fx, fy, fz) and three-dimensional orthogonal moments (mx, my, mz) in any force system in space. It has the advantages of high rigidity, high precision, and large load. It is mainly used in force and force-position control applications, such as robot end effectors, which provide force sense information for robot control. It is an important sensor for intelligent robots.

It is reported that this test lasted for three months, and 6 sets of 6D force torque sensors of different batches were monitored throughout the process. From the feedback of test data, it was found that the HPS-FT060 was tested at 2 million times of full load and after the test. All index parameters have remained normal and can continue to work.

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