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Safety Area Protection

Safety precautions are broadly divided into two categories. One is perimeter security, use the infrared, electronic fence, millimeter wave radar and other technologies to establish a visible or invisible "protective wall" at the boundary of the protection area. When an illegal invasion occurs, the detector detects and recognizes, it sends out an alarm signal to shock the intruder and notify the security personnel to deal with it in time.

The second type is regional security, which refers to the safety protection of key items or buildings in a large area such as a factory. Once a person or vehicle approaches a protected target, the sensor can detect an abnormality and the control system issues an alarm signal to the security personnel for processing.

As the market demand continues to expand, various perimeter defense technologies (such as infrared radiation solutions, video surveillance solutions, leaky cable solutions, vibration cable solutions, etc.) continue to emerge, becoming an important part of the security field.

Hypersen’s laser sensor can measure up to 50m, has small measurement error, and can be applied to various complicated environments. It achieves no intermittent coverage of the space in the monitoring area, and has small size, light weight and reliability features. High and small distance blind spots, no speed blind spots, high range resolution, good anti-jamming performance.