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People Counting

With the advancement of human society and the increasing population, the flow of people in shopping malls, office buildings and schools has gradually increased. It is difficult for people to escape when accidents such as fires and earthquakes occur, and limited rescue forces will make disasters rescue mission more and more difficult. How to allocate rescue resources reasonably is an important issue that needs to be solved urgently. In view of this situation, real-time monitoring of the population distribution of places, office buildings, schools, scenic spots and other places is a necessary mean and effective measure for rational allocation of rescue resources.

Hypersen’s 3D solid-state LiDAR integrates sophisticated infrared lens and professional mathematical algorithm to generate 3D point cloud data in one shot and transmit it in real time through high-speed communication interface. Large field of view and high resolution facilitate the clear and accurate identification of obstacles in front and achieve accurate obstacle avoidance for AGVs. Real-time transmission for effective monitoring of traffic in buildings