- Plane measurement, full coverage, large FoV: 62*62mm, measurement without any blind spots

- High-precision 3D measurement, Measurement accuracy: ±20μm,Repeatability: 1μm

- Inline measurement, 2D color image and 3D point cloud can be obtained simultaneously

- Extremely fast computing, high-precision measurement of 2D dimensions and 3D profile within one second

-Integrated design, complete SDK and software support

- Be applied in intelligent manufacturing, precision measurement and scientific research

Technical parameters
Model HPS-DBL60 Image sensor 10 megapixel CMOS sensor
2D/3D image 3200*3200(1600*1600)pixels 2D/3Dimage XY data interval 19.7μm(39.4μm)
Repeatability(σ)① 1μm② Measurement accuracy ③ ±20μm
Field of view 62*62mm Measurement range ±6.5mm
Shutter speed 50μs~200ms

WD (up to the reference


Light source LED (red, green, blue), can be set separately to 100 levels Connection target HPS-NB3200
LED display Power supply, operation mode Power voltage & current consumption 24 VDC±10%,3A
Operating temperature 0-40℃ Relative humidity 20-85%RH (no condensation)
Dimensions 276*276*290mm Weight 9.8kg

*①Using 3*3 averaging filter and a Hypersen reference workpiece;

*②Repeatability at the center of FoV (HPS-DBL60: 30*30 mm, HPS-DBL25: 12*12mm);

*③Using a Hypersen standard height difference gauge. HPS-DBL60: height difference of 2 mm and width of 20 mm; HPS-DBL25: height difference of 1 mm and width of 10 mm;

*All technical specifications are subject to the latest official datasheet;

*Hypersen reserves the right of final interpretation.

Application field
  • Profile measurement
  • Defect detection
  • Dimensions measurement
  • 3D geometric measurement
  • Depth and angle measurement
  • Edge detection
Product size

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