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[Hypersen| 2019 Annual Conference of GG-ROBOT] Intelligent Sensors Give Machines


Intelligent sensors empower robots with "human" capabilities. On November 11, 2019, the 2019 annual conference of senior robots with the theme of "eco-interconnected and breakout" was held at the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. This is a robot. Annual feast in the field, covering machines from core component suppliers, ontology companies, system integrators, and end-effectors, machine vision and other supporting equipment manufacturers

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Guoan, the general manager of Hypersen, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Intelligent Sensors Give Machines" Human "Ability. Wang first shared the current status of sensor development in China. In terms of national policies, since 2014, China The government has issued a number of strategic and guiding policy documents to promote the accelerated development of China's sensor industry in the direction of integration, innovation, ecology, and clustering. In terms of the size of the industrial market, China currently has a 100 billion-level sensor market, but it is highly monopolized by foreign investors. There are a lot of problems in the low-end and mid-end sensor market, homogeneous competition, and lack of market recognition of domestic brands. 80% of high-end sensors The above relies on imports, and the huge market is almost monopolized by foreign brands, earning large profits.

Under this background, Hypersen was established in 2015, and its development vision is to build a domestic high-end smart sensor brand. In the past four years, the company has deeply cultivated the soil of domestic intelligent manufacturing, and has developed a variety of mechanical and optical sensors based on technological innovation.

Among them, the 6D force torque sensor independently developed by Hypersen not only fills the gap in the domestic multi-dimensional force sensor field, but also is one of the key core components of current and future intelligent manufacturing. It supports the robot drag indicator through an independently developed force control algorithm Flexible applications such as hand-teaching, force-controlled precision assembly, and force-controlled precision grinding give robots a true sense of force and make robots smarter. It is worth mentioning that the six-dimensional force sensor of Hypersen has completed 2.3 million full-load loading experiments, with superior performance and complete import substitution.

At the meeting, Wang said that in the development process, Hypersen always adhered to the market-oriented, dedicated research and development, and continued to forge ahead to develop a variety of high-end intelligent sensors that are suitable for different industries and different customer application scenarios, including robot vision 3d solid-state lidar, laser triangulation displacement sensor, and long-range, high-precision single-point ToF ranging sensor. In response to the current low recognition of domestic brands in the domestic user market, Wang also appealed to our excellent and dare to be the first robot body enterprise, system integrators and other customers to give more opportunities and support for domestic high-end smart sensors. We can live up to expectations. We look forward to working together with the entire robot industry chain enterprises to shine light on China's intelligent manufacturing. At the subsequent round table meeting, Wang also shared some of his observations and studies during his studies in Japan. Made in Japan has long been used as a synonym for high-end and high-quality products because of the spirit of excellence in Japanese culture. There is a general need for awareness and pursuit in the manufacturing field. Since the beginning of its establishment, Hypersen has been adhering to this spirit of craftsmanship, making every sensor product carefully, hoping to make "Made in China" a synonym for high-end, and continue to move forward with this as its soul.

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