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Hypersen won the annual


On the evening of December 13, with the successful conclusion of the sixth Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, the 2019 Annual Conference of GG-ROBOT was successfully concluded. With its rapid growth and expansion in 2019, Hypersen has won the"Top Ten Investment Value Enterprises" award.

The theme of this year's annual conference is "Eco-interconnected · Adversity Breakthrough". There will be 8 special sessions including core supply chain, new ecological transformation, AGV, logistics application, and production line application. 500+ robotics industry chain enterprises and 700+ enterprise executives are invited At the scene, for three days, many industry leaders and entrepreneurs expressed their opinions and collided with each other to discuss the opportunities and prospects of the development of the robot industry.

The 6th GG-ROBOT Awards Ceremony held on the evening of 13th is undoubtedly the finale of this annual meeting.

It is reported that this year's GG-ROBOT Awards for Senior Engineers is based on the theme of "Upward China Power", focusing on robot companies, focusing on cutting-edge technological innovation, and looking for the strength of robot companies' future development in the process of competition and display. And with the highest honor to dedicated enterprises in the robotics industry, encourage corporate innovation, and jointly promote the healthy and stable development of the robotics industry. The final selection list of the GG-ROBOT Awards was released after various levels such as online voting and voting by the jury. The elites in the industry have witnessed the annual brilliant ceremony of the robot industry.

In this selection, Hypersen stood out from the fierce competition of many enterprises and won the "2019 Most Valuable Investment Enterprise" award.

What is "joy"? It's the joy of Hypersen's achievement today and today. Although 2019 is considered a "cold winter" by many people in the industry, the development of Hyberson is still vibrant. This year, we successfully obtained the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise" and passed the ISO quality management system certification. The products are constantly upgrading and progressing, our market is constantly expanding, and our team is constantly growing. This award also proves that our "Hypersen" brand is becoming more widely known and recognized by the market and customers!

What is "touch"? It is the feeling that Hypersen once had a difficult time in starting a business and had difficulty growing up. Since its establishment in 2015, Hypersen has taken the spirit of "craftsmanship" as its conviction, established a first-class high-end smart sensor brand as its vision, and concentrated on research and development. After three years, it successfully developed a 6D force torque sensor and 3D solid-state lidar , Laser displacement sensor, single-point ToF ranging sensor and many other mechanical and optical sensors. In the end, with the superior performance and cost-effectiveness, the intelligent sensor of Hypersen opened a way in the gap between many international giants and successfully established a foothold in the market!

This award is not only the honor of Hypersen, but also the market's recognition of domestic high-end smart sensors, and it also carries the entire industry's bright expectations for intelligent manufacturing in China. In the future, Hypersen will carry this goodness, never forget the original intention, forge ahead, return users with better products and more professional services, and empower China's intelligent manufacturing.

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