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As June approaches, the annual mid-year shopping spree – the Jingdong 618 Global Mid-Autumn Shopping Festival is about to open. Faced with the massive shopping demand of consumers and the explosive growth of merchant orders, Jingdong Logistics will pass the efficient operation of global intelligent logistics infrastructure, innovation and upgrading of logistics services and product systems, as well as network optimization, capacity enhancement, and social platform construction. The series of operation guarantee measures provide high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive logistics services for merchants and consumers, and provide key support for Jingdong 618 shopping festival.

In the unmanned warehouse of Jingdong Logistics, the sorting AGV is busy working.

Intelligent infrastructure runs efficiently, and innovative robots continue to be used

During the 618 period, Jingdong Logistics' global logistics infrastructure will remain efficient, especially the highly intelligent dispatching system, the highly efficient intelligent robot and the highly acquainted human-machine CP, which will continue to support consumers with a powerful 618.

In terms of intelligent logistics, Jingdong Logistics Asia No. 1 Intelligent Logistics Park has already invested more than 20 in the country, and more than 50 robotic warehouses in different levels, such as Sirius Warehouse and Geo Wolf Warehouse, are used in the country. It has become a key force for Jingdong Logistics to cope with the 61.8 billion orders. Jingdong Logistics Information System began preparations in the first three months of the promotion. It can support high-concurrency scenario throughput of billions per minute and orders of 100 million orders per day through optimized expansion. It can be realized through the “Central Control Brain” in the warehouse. During the 618 period, the overall control of all orders, especially man-machine control, order fulfillment, exception handling, etc., intelligently predict, plan, monitor, adjust, and achieve lean production of intelligent warehousing.

While the storage facilities are operating efficiently, more innovative robots from JD Logistics are still being used, including IoT sorting systems, exoskeleton robots, smart packaging equipment, single-piece separation systems, cold-chain cargo-to-human systems, and second-receiving systems. Etc., are the first in China. On the basis of the announcement of the expansion of 5,000 people by Jingdong Logistics, the robot will form a “human-machine CP” with the staff, which will greatly improve the efficiency of order processing and continue to play an important role in the Jingdong 618 promotion.

In the transportation and distribution link, the intelligent scheduling and intelligent path optimization system developed by Jingdong Logistics will bring the most extreme distribution service to consumers in the shortest time by reducing the number of handling and shortening the distribution distance. Jingdong Logistics UAV and distribution robots will continue to “hold the post” in the last mile of rural and urban distribution, bringing surprises to consumers.

Jingdong Logistics Distribution Robot

Product service innovation and upgrade to meet the needs of more than 200,000 partners

In order to fully meet the demand for logistics of more than 200,000 cooperative merchants, the 618 eve of Jingdong Logistics upgraded the supply chain standardization series products, providing merchants with warehouse services, business warehouses, economic warehouses and dozens of value-added services. From the factory warehouse to the consumer's full-service scenario, it provides flexible, convenient and worry-free hierarchical logistics services.

Based on years of experience in e-commerce logistics and supply chain services, Jingdong Logistics has created warehousing, distribution and distribution for different characteristics of different industries such as apparel, consumer goods, 3C, automotive aftermarket, home appliances, home, books, maternal and child. In-line to offline, hardware-to-software, integrated solutions from raw material procurement to distribution supply chain, and in-depth service partner brands help partners to fully meet the peak demand refresh and minute fulfillment service challenges brought by 618.

Jingdong 618 Global Mid-Autumn Shopping Festival is also the peak season for fresh goods. Jingdong Cold Chain will rely on F2B2C one-stop cold chain service capability to create a series of raw materials for Yantai Cherry, Hubei Crayfish and Hainan Litchi. The exclusive solution, from the distribution of timeliness, capacity guarantee and other dimensions to innovation and upgrade, through 24-hour full monitoring to ensure temperature controllable, quality controllable, to provide consumers and businesses with the most "fresh" optimal service, help Promote the leaping development of the fresh brand in the place of production.

In the overseas logistics service, during the 618 period, with the rapid development in overseas, Jingdong Logistics will make full use of the global smart supply chain infrastructure network (GSSC) under construction, and maintain the mode of “commercial flow with animal flow logistics to promote business flow”. The domestic warehousing system is open to overseas warehouses to solve the problems of customs clearance and landing distribution, which helps the Chinese brands to go out, and also introduces overseas high-quality goods to the vast number of Chinese consumers.

Integrate socialized logistics resources and work together to “symbiosis” partners to ensure 618

Through continuous network construction and capacity enhancement, 618 will be fully guaranteed. Jingdong Logistics will continue to integrate land and rail air transportation capacity. In addition to all cargo planes, Jingdong Logistics Aviation has opened more than 500 lines, achieving key points from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The core city will be delivered to the next 300 cities in the next day or every other day; the railway business has set up a special e-commerce class, and the transportation capacity of more than 200 lines such as high-speed rail, motor trains and ordinary trains is gathered to ensure the promotion; The on-line visual monitoring system is ensured while the capacity of the dry branch line is guaranteed, and the transportation resources are rationally allocated in real time.

For consumers, Jingdong Logistics will continue to provide 211 time-limited, second-day, Jingzhida, Jingzunda, lightning delivery, speed-speed, long-distance and other diversified products to meet the user's full scene selection. . Jingdong Express will also provide assistance to fully protect the needs of users. At present, Jingdong Logistics Personal Express has opened the collection business in 50 cities across the country, and constantly improve the basic capacity building while creating standardized products, including the provision of hundreds of air transportation lines. The "Express Delivery" service, etc., meets the user's fast and secure mailing needs.

Jingdong Logistics will continue to play the role of “symbiosis” and work together with partners to build a social platform to help Jingdong 618 Global Mid-Autumn Shopping Festival. At present, Jingdong Logistics has reached a symbiotic strategic partnership with more than 200 industry leaders to jointly improve the economic and social capabilities of logistics services. In the case of Dada, Dada currently covers more than 450 major cities across the country, with the number of riders reaching Million-class, will become an important supplement to Jingdong's logistics service capability during the 618 period; in the integration of social logistics resources, Jingdong Logistics will absorb more than 100 ecological enterprises through the cloud logistics infrastructure platform, integrating more than 500 Jingdong Yuncang in the country, meeting 618 During the period, different levels of warehouse allocation integrated logistics service needs.

At the same time, green environmental protection will continue to be one of the key words of JD Logistics's large-scale operation. JD Logistics will continue to promote the Qingliu plan and cooperate with upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain to explore low-carbon environmental protection in various aspects such as packaging, warehousing and transportation. Energy saving and consumption reduction, for example, through the “slimming” of the tape, reducing the layering of the tape to achieve consumables savings; reducing the use of disposable courier consumables through the renewable fresh boxes and biodegradable packaging bags; passing more than 5000 new energy vehicles The investment is used to protect the escort.

Jingdong 618 Global Mid-Autumn Shopping Festival is on the verge of exploding. In the face of consumers, Jingdong Logistics will provide the ultimate service of “one-click speed completion” to achieve panoramic coverage of consumer scenes. For merchants, Jingdong Logistics will provide high-quality, cost-effective supply chain. The solution guarantees efficient handling of orders during the promotion period. Through a series of comprehensive and intelligent operation measures to bring logistics protection to 618, Jingdong Logistics will become an important force behind the shopping and carnival of consumers in the world.

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