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Tesla Unveils Optimus Bot Generation 2 Doing Squats: 30% Faster Walking, 22 lb. Weight Reduction, and Smooth Movements


Tesla Bot - Generation 2

A video was released by Tesla, along with information about the next generation Tesla Bot - Optimus 2.0. It is much improved over the last version and includes the following:

  • Tesla designed actuators and sensors
  • 2-Dof actuated neck
  • Actuators integrated electronics and harnessing
  • A 30% walk speed boost
  • A 22 lb. weight reduction
  • Foot force/torque sensing
  • Articulated toe sections
  • Human foot geometry
  • Faster, 11-DoF brand-new hands

In the video, Tesla showed "Bumblebee" its very first prototype, and then Optimus generation 1 from March 2023, which it then moved to the next generation Tesla Bot, Optimus 2.0.

This robot was able to move its arms and look at its hands with life like precision. It has also slimmed down by 22 lbs. as Tesla has likely made things more efficient on it.

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— Jeremy Noel Johnson (@AGuyOnlineHere) December 9, 2023

The Tesla Bot was able to walk very smoothly, 30% faster than the previous robot. It was also able to do an even 90 degree squat down.

It comes with brand-new hands that have tactile sensing on all fingers and can handle delicate objects, such as eggs.

Here's a question to ponder: What if Tesla figures out how to use the Tesla Optimus Bot generation 2.0 (or 3.0) to make its next generation 3 (or generation 4) platform vehicles? What does that mean for Tesla and the future of cars?

Milan Kovac, from the Tesla AI Team had this to say:

“This new generation, which is in effect the 3rd since we started the program less than 2 years ago, is much more capable and resilient than the previous ones (see video for a few details)! For those wondering, everything in the video is real-time (1x), and no CGI.”

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Fast Tesla Bot Progress By Tesla

Tesla has shown very fast Tesla Bot progress. From the first Tesla Bot just over 2 years ago, that needed a harness to hold it up to now, the progress is staggering. This is another step toward AGI with real-world AI.

We now have a robot from Tesla that can walk - almost human like, handle delicate objects, move its arms and hands just like a human, with precise movements, and has the ability to not only handle delicate objects like eggs, it has tactile sensing on its hands of those objects.

When you see the screen showing the pressure points on the fingers, it looks just like a human would - with parts of the fingers lighting up that are having pressure on the object.

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— Jeremy Noel Johnson (@AGuyOnlineHere) December 10, 2023

The Tesla Bot has also been seen doing yoga in the past, along with other precise movements, and we are now seeing even more. A robot doing squats and holding that position in balance is quite a feat of engineering.

There was also a CGI video of the Tesla Bot doing bulletproof testing on the Cybertruck.

At the end of the video, the Tesla Bot could be seen dancing to some rave music.

If this is where we are now after 2 years, then where will we be in another 2 years or 4 years? I think in another 2 years, we are going to see the Tesla Bot do jumps. They may not be big jumps, but it will do basic jumps.

I think we will also see the Tesla Bot climb stairs and be able to carry heavier items than it can now.

This is all the updates on the generation 2 Tesla Bot that I've been able to find, but I'll be sure to update as I find more!

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What do you think about this update from the Tesla AI team on the generation 2 Tesla Bot?

Would you buy one of these?

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BREAKING: Tesla has introduced Optimus Gen 2!

  • Tesla designed actuators and sensors
  • 2-Dof actuated neck
  • Actuators integrated electronics & harnessing
  • 30% walk speed boost
  • Foot force/torque sensing
  • 22lb weight reduction
  • and more
  • — Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) December 13, 2023

Hi! I'm Jeremy Noel Johnson, and I am a Tesla investor and supporter and own a 2022 Model 3 RWD EV and I don't have range anxiety :). I enjoy bringing you breaking Tesla news as well as anything about Tesla or other EV companies I can find, like Aptera. Other interests of mine are AI, Tesla Energy and the Tesla Bot! You can follow me on X.COM or LinkedIn to stay in touch and follow my Tesla and EV news coverage.

Image Credit, Tesla, Screenshot

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