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Hypersen at the 2019 EeIE-ExpoFirst show of Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center


It is reported that this expo is the first show in the world's first convention and exhibition center-Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. It has high specifications, many features, and far-reaching and significant significance. At the opening ceremony, Wang Weizhong, secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Chen Rugui, and other relevant government department leaders participated in the event and announced the official opening of the Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. Her opening is a milestone, representing a new platform for Shenzhen to develop a world-class modern service industry, and a new carrier for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the leading demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Her opening has opened another "window" of the linkage between the Greater Bay Area and global industries.

On the first day of the exhibition, exhibitors showed their magical powers, and there were a lot of "black technology" exhibits, which made people dizzying. Hall 1 of Hall 1 is located here, and the well-designed pavilion is located here, showing the most cutting-edge, hardest and most complete sensor products to professional buyers with an open attitude, and demonstrating multiple sets of robot + sensor fusion on site solution. It is understood that the area of the Hypersen exhibition area is significantly larger than in the past, and the design is more modern and technological. This not only conforms to the positioning of Hypersen’s high-end sensors, but also represents the brand building Lu Zheng Yang Fan moved forward.

As a well-known brand of high-end intelligent sensors in China, Hypersen's products include single-point ToF ranging sensors related to optics and suitable for long-distance measurement, 3D solid-state LiDAR without any mechanical moving parts, and mechanical, 6D force torque sensor that can be applied to industrial automation. In addition, Hiberson also demonstrated the 6D force torque sensor + robot automation solution on the scene. Through the combination of sensors and robots, it demonstrated precision assembly, flexible grinding, and drag teaching. Waiting for automation, it's amazing. The combination of dynamic and static display methods on the one hand allows visitors to clearly observe the product appearance, structure, technology and other characteristics, and at the same time fully understand the practical application of high-end intelligent sensor products. The diversified application demonstrations not only fully demonstrated the strength of Hyberson, but also added glory to the homepage of the world's first convention center.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the demonstration process of the on-site robots not only allowed professional audiences to appreciate the magical power of the sensor, which attracted many buyers to stop and inquire. During the exhibition, Hypersen even ushered in a special group of student audiences. They were very interested in the automation equipment and robots participating in this expo. The robot automation demonstration operation in the Hypersen exhibition hall was for them. It has a lot of popular science inspiration. Perhaps this will become an opportunity for the birth of future scientists.

At this international event, Hypersenis like a shining star. The stunning audience's attention not only attracted many viewers to stop and watch questions; it also attracted media from CCTV. On-site interviews reported that Mr. Wang Guoan, the general manager of Hypersen, accepted media interviews at the exhibition site and expressed profound insights on the current status of domestic sensor development and Hypersen's future development planning. At this expo, the high popularity and attention of Hypersen's booth fully demonstrated the brand appeal and product strength of Hypersen sensors.

The reason why Hypersen is widely sought after is its roots in its long-term focus on sensor product research and development. Not only does the core team consist of Shenzhen peacock talents returnees and outstanding domestic R & D, product control and marketing personnel. The company With years of technological innovation and breakthroughs, it has achieved a breakthrough in the comprehensive application of optical, mechanical, electrical, and computing technologies to sensors, which is the industry-leading level in China. At present, Hypersen sensors have been widely used in drones, AGVs, robots, intelligent transportation, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, automotive, consumer electronics and other fields. They are widely respected by partners and markets and have a good reputation in the industry.

As the world premiere of the Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center, it is reported that about 400 key companies participated in the Expo for a total of 3 days. In addition to exhibiting the latest technologies and products, there were also a series of rich special events during the period. Friends can visit Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. If you want to see the excitement of Hypersen sensors, please visit booth H061 in Hall 1 and it will be a worthwhile trip!

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