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Medical Robot

Medical robots refer to robots used in hospitals, clinics, or auxiliary medical care. It is an intelligent service robot that can independently plan the operation, determine the action program according to the actual situation, and then change the action into the movement of the operating mechanism. From a technical point of view, medical robots mainly involve many disciplines such as medicine, biomechanics, mechanics, materials science, computer vision, mathematical analysis, etc., mainly used for surgery, rescue, transshipment and rehabilitation of the wounded and sick, and have military and civilian applications.

Hypersen’s 6D force torque sensor has an accuracy of up to micron, which breaks through the drawbacks of the accuracy, safety and flexibility of surgical operations caused by the lack or insufficiency of medical robot's tactile feedback (force feedback), increasing the tactile function and sensing of touch, pressure, and pull, while simultaneously detecting the magnitude of the force and the strength of the touch during the medical process. Greatly solve the problem of medical robot sequelae caused by no tactile function and no induction of touch, pull and pressure, and promote the application and development of medical robots.