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Hypersen Sensor Technology provides support for production safety

By collecting and transmitting the environmental information under test, the sensor can realize the effective monitoring and early warning of dangerous factors. The six dimensional force sensor and face array solid state LIDAR sensor developed by Hypersen offer superior stability, sensitivity, rapid response and durability. With the development of the Internet of Things, sensors are expected to play a greater role in security Iot perception technology, security monitoring and early warning, etc.


Hypersen releases confocal sensor at CES 2020

From January 8th to 11th, Beijing time, CES 2020 officially kicked off at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As the world's largest consumer electronics show, the technology exhibited at CES often represents the highest standard in the industry. It has always been the focus of attention of the scientific and technological circles and people who are concerned about technology. These technological changes are particularly exciting and inspiring.


Hypersen 2019: Technical Innovation & Diversified Marketing

For Hypersen, 2019 is the year of innovation and the year of marketing. In particular, when it comes to innovation, this is the foundation upon which Hypersen relies and grows, and it is also the gene flowing in the blood of the company. Thanks to technological innovation, a number of Hypersen products have completed iterative upgrades in 2019, and new product development has also achieved remarkable results. In addition, the participation of more than ten industry exhibitions or summit forums has allowed Haiboson to quietly transition from the industry's cutting-edge to a well-known brand.