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Hypersen Won the “Capek” Emerging Enterprise Award


From August 27th to 29th, 2020, the 6th Capek Awarding Ceremony and the 10th China International Robot Summit Forum was held in Wuhu, Anhui Province, which has attracted half of Chinese robotics industry. With the theme of “Meet Capek, foreseeing


Germany focuses on "robot care" to build smart hospital beds of the future


With an investment of 1.8 million euros, a number of German scientific research institutions pay attention to "robot care" to jointly build future intelligent hospital beds At the end of 2019, China’s population of 65 years and over was abou


Chromatic Confocal Sensor enabling high-precision measurement Hypersen craftsmanship


For a long time, technological innovation has been the key helmsman to seize the market, and all companies seeking development do not need to expand a diversified advanced product line to cope with the endless technological challenges.


Hypersen Sensor Technology provides support for production safety


By collecting and transmitting the environmental information under test, the sensor can realize the effective monitoring and early warning of dangerous factors. The six dimensional force sensor and face array solid state LIDAR sensor developed by Hypersen offer superior stability, sensitivity, rapid response and durability. With the development of the Internet of Things, sensors are expected to play a greater role in security Iot perception technology, security monitoring and early warning, etc.


3D Solid State LiDARの環境構築(Ubuntu)


はじめに 近年、LiDARは自動運転などにより普及が進み、価格が従来と比べて非常に安くなってきており、研究界隈でも注目されています。市場規模で言えば、2025年には約3,330億円規模に達すると予測されています。 今回はそんなLidarの中でも3D LiD