• HPS-CFL052


High precision, non-contact measurement

Measurement of various materials such as: metal/ceramic/mirror/glass

Fit for curved,unewen and rough surfaces

IP54 protection

Large measurement angle

Fastest measuring rates for dynamic measurement tasks

Technical parameters
Model HPS-CFL052 Reference distance 51.24mm
Measuring range ±10.36mm Sensor diameter 52mm
Linearity 0.018% Repeatability 3μm (1δ)
Emmiter LED Spot diameter 40μm
Max.tilt angle ±15.4° Level of protection IP65
Operating temperature -40~+85℃ Sensor head to controller fiber length Optional (default 3m)
Application field
  • Step Height Measurement
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Wafer Surface Testing
  • Flatness Measurement
  • Center Pointing
Product size
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