3D Line Confocal Sensor HPS-LCX1000
3D Line Confocal Sensor HPS-LCX1000
  • 3D Line Confocal Sensor HPS-LCX1000
  • 3D Line Confocal Sensor HPS-LCX1000
  • 3D Line Confocal Sensor HPS-LCX1000


- Suitable for 3D inspection of transparent, mirrored and highly reflective materials

- Can record detailed raw data and generate various forms of 2D/3D graphs

- 2048 points/profile; 0.1μm Z-axis repeatability

- Ultra-high-speed scanning: 35000 lines/sec

- Complete SDK and one-stop software support service

- Applied in industrial precision measurement and scientific research

Technical parameters
Model HPS-LCX1000 Field of View (mm) 2.3
Measurement range (mm) 1.4 X-resolution (μm) 1.1
Z-repeatability① (μm) 0.1 Max. scan rate② (Hz) 35000
Number of data points/X 2048 Scan rate of full measurement range ③(Hz) 6500
Stand-off distance (mm) 9.3 Max. surface slope on mirror (deg) ±45
Dimensions (H*W*D) (mm) 315*454*104mm Weight (kg) 13
Ingress protection level (EN 60529) IP55 Power 24 VDC,3A
PC Connectivity 40G光纤 Digital input Optocoupler input and output

*①This value is a 3σ value, which is obtained by measuring the mirror standard gauge block on the optical platform in our company's dust-free laboratory. The number of contours: 200,000; Integration time: 200us; Light signal intensity (Manually adjusted): 20%.

*②The measurement range under this scanning rate is 1/8 of the full range.

*③The number of scanning points in X direction at this rate is 1,024, while the scan rate of full measurement range (2,048 points) is 3,100Hz.

*All technical specifications are subject to the latest official datasheet. Hypersen reserves the right for final interpretation.

Application field
  • 3D topography measurement
  • Surface defects detection
  • Gap and flush measurement
  • Curved contour scanning
  • Step height measurement
  • Impurity and air bubble inspection
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