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During the 21st Hi-Tech Fair, Hypersen showcases the charm of innovative domestic high-end smart sensors


High-end sensors Yesterday, on November 13, 2019, the twenty-first China International High-tech Fair with the theme of "Jointly Building a Vigorous Bay Area and Opening Up and Innovating Together" opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. , The association is known as "China's first exhibition of science and technology." In order to fully display Hypersen's brand image and innovative products at the Hi-Tech Fair, Hypersen is unique. It has set up display stands in the Advanced Manufacturing Exhibition Area and the Internet of Things Application Exhibition Area. Based on product applications, it displays domestic high-end smart sensors.

Hypersen's Advanced Manufacturing Zone

It is understood that this session of the Hi-Tech Fair will focus on products and technologies in high-tech frontier fields such as new-generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, optoelectronic displays, smart cities, and aerospace. As an outstanding representative enterprise of domestic high-end intelligent sensors, Hypersen's booth is located at booth 9C01-7 in the advanced manufacturing area of Hall 9. It will provide thousands of visitors with wonderful sensor + robot integrated intelligent manufacturing industry solutions and application results. At the exhibition site, Hypersen controlled the operation of the robot by installing a 6D force torque sensor at the end of the robot to achieve flexible automation operations such as difficult precision assembly, precision grinding, drag teaching, etc., which truly gave the machine the "human" ability. The robot's flexible demonstration operation is amazing, not only attracted many visitors to stop to watch and consult, but also attracted a number of media photography and interviews. Hypersen became the most shining "star" in the advanced manufacturing exhibition area of Hall 9. one.

In addition, the Hypersen booth also displayed the company's full range of high-precision smart sensors, including 3D solid-state LiDAR, single-point ToF ranging sensors, etc., so that visitors can clearly observe the appearance, structure, process and other characteristics, but also fully understand the practical application of high-end intelligent sensor products.

Hypersen's IoT Sensor Application Zone

In 1995, Bill Gates mentioned the concept of "Internet of Things" in "The Road to the Future". For more than 20 years, the Internet of Things has developed rapidly around the world. Statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that as of the end of June 2018, the number of IoT end users worldwide had reached 465 million. Among them, sensors are one of the keys to the rapid development of the Internet of Things. To this end, the high-tech fair set up a sensor and IoT application exhibition area on the east platform of the second floor of the Convention and Exhibition Center to showcase the most advanced technology from the world. The booth displayed the full range of exhibits of Hypersen, which attracted the interest of many people related to the Internet of Things. The sales engineers of Hypersen also enthusiastically and professionally answered related questions of users, and demonstrated products such as 3D solid-state LiDAR to customers on site. Watch and discuss with users the application and prospect of sensors in the field of IoT.

HypersenHigh-tech Fair Outstanding Innovative Product Exhibition Zone

It is understood that, in order to make the products, projects and technologies exhibited at the Hi-Tech Fair have more levels of display, a wider range of exposure, and more in-depth publicity, this session of the Hi-Tech Fair has set up an excellent and innovative product display area. A group of outstanding innovative products were selected in the High-Tech Fair Outstanding Product Award, and an independent display area was set up for publicity and display. In other words, the technology and products displayed in the excellent product display area are the essence of the essence!

It is worth mentioning that with the scarcity of its products and the ultra-high level of international performance, Hypersen's 6D force torque sensor stands out among many exhibits and has become a member of the high-tech fair's outstanding innovative product "Net Red" exhibition area. Represents the level of outstanding scientific and technological achievements in China and the world.

The Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair is currently China's largest and most influential science and technology exhibition, and is also an important window for China's high-tech field to open to the outside world and an important platform for high-tech achievements trading. This year's exhibition attracted more than 3,300 domestic and overseas exhibitors and more than 10,000 exhibiting projects, and more than 250 various events. It is expected that domestic and overseas merchants, investors and visitors from more than 100 countries and regions will attend. The exhibition time will continue until November 17th. Welcome new and old customers to visit the Hypersen booth (Advanced Manufacturing Exhibition Area-Hall 9 9C01-7 Booth, IoT Exhibition Area-Second Floor, East Platform Booth 10B24, Excellent Innovation Products Exhibition area-Booth 10F01 on the second floor of the east platform), personally appreciate the wonderful charm of Hypersen's high-end smart sensors.

High-tech Fair exhibition tips: opening time

■ 9: 00-17: 00, November 13-17, 2019 (Visitors can enter after 12:00 on November 13, and stop at 16:00 on the 17th)

■Visitors will be stopped from checking tickets after 16:30 on November 13-17.

Admission requirements

■ Please consciously undergo security checks before entering the museum, and bring dangerous and illegal items into the museum;

■ Smoking and naked flames are strictly prohibited in the museum;

■ Please take care of the exhibits, if you damage them, you will bear the responsibility;

■ It is forbidden to sell or purchase any goods (except food and beverages provided by the organizer) in the hall, and trade without authorization, and bear your own responsibility

■ The High-Tech Fair is a professional exhibition. Minors under 16 years old are not allowed to visit. For health reasons, professionals over 70 years old must be accompanied by an adult to enter the museum.

Entry method

■ Admission is based on the tickets of the 21st High-Tech Fair (sale, free tickets, successfully registered ID card, and special buyer card)

According to the uniform requirements of the Public Security Bureau, participants are required to prepare their ID cards when they enter the venue; Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan and foreigners must prepare their ID cards (hometown permit, Taiwan compatriot card, Hong Kong and Macao ID card, foreign passport), and consciously undergo security.

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