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Robot Hand Guiding

At present, the application field of industrial robots has gradually expanded from other industries such as automobile, electronic appliances and machinery to other application fields. In more and more application tasks, especially application scenarios with short product line replacement cycles, higher requirements are raised from flexibility and deployment time for robots. In the traditional application field, the robot application task teaching session occupies a large amount of deployment time, and the traditional industrial robot uses the teaching box on-site teaching or offline programming teaching methods, all require the operator have high professional skills for the robot application. It brings a certain degree of difficulty.

Hand guiding, by directly holding the traction robot to a specified pose or moving along a specific trajectory, recording the pose data of the teaching process, intuitively teaching the robot, can greatly shorten the programming efficiency of the industrial robot in the application deployment stage , to reduce the requirements of operators, to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Hypersen 3D force sensor can measure the force and moment in three dimensions of XYZ in real time. Installed at the end of the robot, the external traction force is sensed by the sensor, and the external force information is converted into joint motion control information by a control algorithm, and the end of the robot is moved or rotated to complete the application task teaching.